A London man previously charged for criminal harassment near Western’s campus was arrested a second time for harassing several women and now remains in custody. 

Police arrested 22-year-old Saranjeet Singh Oct. 23 after a 21-year-old woman reported he followed her to a house on Patricia Street near Western University’s main gates and waited outside the residence. 

Singh is currently in custody for the second time this month after following and harassing multiple young women near Western’s campus. He was arrested and charged after harrassing five women earlier this October. His most recent charge comes after his sixth offence. 

Police have not confirmed if any of the six incidents of harassment involved Western students but all women connected were between 18 and 21 years old.

In the incident resulting in his current arrest, Singh reportedly parked his car, a black Honda Civic, in the residential driveway after following the 21-year-old woman to a house and knocked on the door repeatedly after she entered the home. She then contacted the police out of fear for her safety.

Singh was released from custody after the first five charges but remains in custody after the recent charges. He is set to appear in court tomorrow. 

Singh is now further charged with two Criminal Code offences: criminal harassment by repeated following and criminal harassment by watching and besetting. 

No injuries were reported from any of the six counts of harassment, according to London police.


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