Vulgar window vandalism

“No means yes. And yes means anal” were the words written on an off-campus student home on Epworth Avenue, near King's University College. 

The same message has circulated at other university communities across North America. Back in 2014, the message was written at a Texas Tech University fraternity house and a Yale University fraternity chanted it outside women's freshman dorms. Both fraternities were given sanctions for their actions.

As the London Free Press reported, the male main campus students living in the house did not write the message. The residents did not immediately remove the message.  

The incident sparked outrage on social media. A photo of the house was taken by Emma Richard and was posted on Facebook in a public post. Along with the photo Richard wrote a post discussing her reaction. 

"After standing, staring, taking a picture, I came home. My shock turned into rage, and my rage turned into awareness, and so I wept. I wept for everyone who has ever said “no” only to have “yes” heard, yes acted upon," Richard wrote in part of the post. 

Glenn Matthews, housing mediation coordinator said, “I get it: the message is really bad, but students do dumb things,” in part of his interview to LFP.

Megan Walker, executive director at London Abused Women's Centre, took to Twitter to express her thoughts on the incident and Western's reaction, beginning Saturday. She was disappointed Western failed to issue an immediate statement about the incident, aside from Matthews's statement which dissatisfied her.

King's president, David Sylvester, made a statement about the incident, to which Walker responded saying Western should take a page out of his book.

Western's official Twitter page made one tweet linking to a statement on September 10 made by Jana Luker, Western's associate vice-provost of student experience, on sexual violence. Within the statement, Luker says Western does not tolerate sexual violence and utilizes a survivor-centric approach to dealing with sexual assault.

Later in the day, Luker responded to Walker stating Western does not tolerate any sexual violence.

In response to Luker's statement, Walker wrote tweets specifically directed to Luker about the comments Glenn Matthews made. Walker said Luker's statement and Matthew's statements were inconsistent with one another. Luker made no further response. 

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