Robbie Cohen, centre, and Brandon Palin, right, react to Wednesday's election results, where Team Avila won by 1,416 votes.

Palin-Cohen held their heads up high after losing the USC presidential elections to Team Avila by a margin of 1,416 votes.

Overall, the slate won 37 per cent of votes cast with 2,552, but they were trumped by Team Avila’s 3,968 ballots — 57 per cent of the vote. The remaining six per cent of voters' support went to Team Roy.

Fourth-year social science student Palin said he wouldn’t change the way he and Robbie Cohen ran their campaign, and wished Team Avila good luck as they lead next year’s University Students’ Council executive.

“It’s obviously something that’s hard to take, but Robbie and I put 110 [per cent] into it,” Palin said. “I’m super excited for Eddy and Jamie … and I can’t even begin to thank everyone for everything that they’ve done.”

Palin said he’s planning on taking some time to think about what he’ll do next — potentially traveling this summer.

Fourth-year Huron student Cohen, however, said he knows what his plan is: he’s coming back for a fifth year at Western.

“Students spoke and [Team Avila] ran an incredible campaign,” Cohen said. “The main thing that I’m taking away from this is that we all ran a clean campaign.… I think we set a precedent, so I’m very happy about that, moving forward.”

Faculty of Social Science student Lucy Bogle, who supported Palin-Cohen during their campaign, also looked on the bright side.

“I was a little surprised," Bogle said. "I didn’t think that Team Avila was going to win and I was surprised by how much they won, but I think it’s awesome there was [better] voter turnout than last year.”



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