With the polls closed and votes tallied, Rachel Ogilvie is being welcomed as the new president-elect of the Brescia University College Students' College (BUCSC). 

It was a close result with Ogilvie winning 88 votes to her opponent Emily West's 77. Polling was held on Jan. 23 and 24. 

“I’m so overwhelmed with happiness, I didn’t even know what to do when I got the call,” said Ogilvie.

Currently a second-year BMOS student and BUCSC vice-president student events, Ogilvie aims to use her term to finally incorporate the BUCSC, a long-standing issue that may finally come to an end. By being incorporated, BUCSC will be able to operate as a not-for-profit corporation.  

“It will give us a lot more legitimacy as an organization," current BUCSC president Deanna Vezina explained in Nov. 2016. "Right now the bank just sees us as a really big club that handles thousands of dollars every year. So this will allow us to get a credit card and things like that.”

In Dec. 2016, Brescia students voted in a referendum in favour of incorporation, setting the stage for the process to begin for next year. 

“This is the first year that anybody really knew how long we’ve been trying to do this for,” said Ogilvie.

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 Both Ogilvie and her opponent, Emily West, third-year family studies student, had similar platforms which made it challenging for them to prove to students they were the right choice for the job. 

“It was definitely interesting to distinguish ourselves at the beginning,” said Ogilvie. “The debate went really well, but at the end of the day it just kind of came down to who did the best job.”

Ogilvie has also stated that she will focus on making the BUCSC more transparent, especially with regards to the Affiliate Appeals Board, a contentious topic prompted by King’s recent debate on the BDS referendum.

Before her election, Ogilvie said she wants to ensure the Brescia student body’s voice is heard at USC meetings on main campus by establishing expectations that both organizations have of each other from the beginning. She believes starting off the year with strong communication will avoid hiccups in the middle of the year.

Moving forward, Ogilvie hopes to rebrand the BUCSC not only by incorporating it, but also by giving it a fresh new look.