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The mood at the Spoke was mixed as Team Tobi supporters erupted in cheer over the results of the University Students' Council election and supporters of the runners-up were left defeated. Team Tobi may have won the University Students' Council election, but they were up against some tough competition throughout the campaign period. 

Team DiBrina gained 37.77 per cent of the vote (3,265 votes) and Team Jan/Mohamnad received 12.93 per cent of the vote (1,118 votes). Ultimately Team Tobi won with 49.29 per cent of the president/vice-president vote.

“Honestly, I feel really really good," said Team DiBrina presidential candidate David DiBrina immediately after the results were announced. "We’re ready to get going on other things. We have so much stuff to still do within the USC and improve it for students and that’s what we’re going to focus on now.”

Anooshae Janmohammad reflected upon the positive experience of vying for the USC presidency.

“I’m so glad that I went out and did it. I learned a lot and I’m probably never going to get this experience again," Janmohammad said. 

In attendance at the election night results event at The Spoke were friends and family members of the candidates. 

“She worked hard during this whole month and I was able to see all the strength she had and what she can do," said Janmohammad's mom, Ashrafunissa. "I think I have enjoyed this month and I’ve seen the best of her.”

After the results were announced Team DiBrina's campaign team spoke highly of the campaign as a whole.

“Honestly, it was an incredible experience and I’m so proud of all the members of our campaign team and all of our volunteers for putting in that much effort as they did into the campaign," said Vanshika Dhawan, Team DiBrina's campaign manager.

This election brought about the highest voter turnout in years — 27.9 per cent — a feat which Mohammad Hussain of Team Jan/Mohammad lauded.

“I’m really excited because the end of the day when you have a voter turnout of 28 per cent, the only person who wins is the student body," Hussain said immediately after the results were announced. 

Both runners-up slates spoke positively of Team Tobi and congratulated them on their victory.

President-elect Tobi Solebo noted the tremendous work his opponents put in. 

“They ran a great campaign," Solebo said. "They pushed us harder than we even imagined being pushed. Those last two weeks were insane and crazy and busy and the only reason we worked as hard as we did was because those two pushed us to do it.”


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