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Recognized for their efforts in saving a life at last year's Homecoming were students Stacia Pepper, centre left, and Sean Hope, centre right. They are flanked by London police chief John Pare, left, and Jeannette Eberhard, right.

Everyone knows Homecoming can get crazy, but no one ever expects it to risk their life. If it wasn’t for two heroic individuals, a young woman may have died following an allergic reaction.

Two students, Sean Hope of Fanshawe College and Stacia Pepper of King's University College, received citizen citations from the London Police Service on Thursday as recognition for saving the victim. 

Citizen citations are awarded to members of the community who have assisted the police force by doing something extraordinary, according to Sandasha Bough, LPS media relations.

Hope and Pepper were at a party at Pepper’s house when they heard someone across the street needed CPR and immediately went to help. 

“All of a sudden somebody yells, ‘Does anybody know CPR?’ Sean and I have former training on it so we ran over and we saw that she was completely blue, didn’t have a pulse, so we started taking turns doing CPR,” Pepper said. “And I don’t know how we did it, but we found a way to bring her back.” 

When EMS finally arrived they said the patient was close to “expiring” from an allergic reaction and anaphylactic shock.

"Fortunately for this young woman, Sean Hope and Stacia Pepper were at the party and although they did not know this woman they initiated CPR and helped the young woman receive the oxygen she needed to survive," said Insp. Steve Goodine.

Neither Hope or Pepper expected to get recognition for their actions and were happy to have helped save an individual's life. 

“I had no idea we were going to get an award, it’s an amazing feeling," Pepper said. "We’re so thankful that she’s okay too — that’s all that matters.”

“It was really awesome to actually provide help and then to actually get rewarded for what we actually did,” Hope said.


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