Team Avila has been elected as the next president and vice-president of the University Students’ Council.

Team Avila’s president-elect Eddy Avila and vice-president elect Jamie Cleary won with 3,968 votes, beating second place slate Palin-Cohen, who finished with 2,552 votes.

"It’s honestly just been one of the coolest journeys I think we’ve ever been on," Eddy Avila said after the win. "We’re so happy and so grateful."

"Oh my God, I don't know what to say I'm so overwhelmed, I'm so happy for Eddy," said his mom Aida. "Both of them worked so hard, so very happy."

Jamie Cleary, Avila's running mate, expressed his happiness with the win.

"We’re so happy," Cleary said. "Thank you to everybody who voted for us and everybody who supported us. We’re really excited to get started."

Runner-up Brandon Palin said the loss was hard but Team Avila would have a great time next year.

"It’s obviously something that’s hard to take, but Robbie and I put 110 [per cent] into it," Palin said. "Looking back, it’s been an incredible experience, and I’m super proud of everything we’ve accomplished, and I’m super excited for Eddy and Jamie."

Team Roy’s presidential candidate Mike Roy and vice-presidential candidate Aidan Mckendrick finished a distant third with 451 votes.

"I sort of expected them to win," said Roy. "It was close, it was good and first thing we said to them was 'we're going to make sure we're gonna hold you guys accountable and we're gonna be riding your asses."

USC vice-president external Lindsee Perkins congratulated all the slates on a good campaign.

"We are so incredibly proud of all three slates," said Perkins. "This election was more exciting than any that I've seen before.

"I am so happy to have Team Avila to transition within the next couple of months."

Propel referendum

The Propel referendum failed, with students voting against a $4.89 student fee. Students voted 68.4 per cent "no" to the question of whether they wanted to fund entrepreneurship on campus.

Other results


  • Madeline Crystal
  • Harry Orbach-Miller
  • Arjun Singh
  • Becky Meharchand
  • Bryce Paxton
  • Alexander Pearson

Social Science senators

  • Mitchell Pratt
  • Chelsea Wang

Faculty of Health Sciences president

  • Riley Garno

Kinesiology Association president

  • Paula Hepburn

Faculty of Education president

  • Devon Bishundant

King's University Students' Council president

  • Nate Little

London Youth Advisory Council

  • Olivia Gomes