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The Elections Governance Committee (EGC) has given out demerit points to Team Jan/Mohammad and Team Tobi for by-law #2 violations.

Team Jan/Mohammad was awarded four demerit points for two violations. Presidential-candidate Anooshae Janmohammad shared a Gazette article titled "Why are so few women running for USC president?" prior to the campaign period which the EGC determined violated section 11.3 of by-law #2. The slate received one demerit point for this violation.

Additionally, Team Jan/Mohammad was given three demerit points for uploading a promotion video that was filmed inside the Huron University Students' Council office, violating section 11.3.1 of by-law #2 through violating section 4.09 (2) of the Huron University College Student Councils' Elections Procedure and Policy. 

These recently added points bring Team Jan/Mohammad's demerit point total to 12 points. 

Team Tobi received eight demerit points for unauthorized campaigning inside residences as stated in section 11.9.3 of by-law #2. The EGC found that Team Tobi campaigned inside Delaware Hall and Essex Hall residences during unauthorized hours.

This brings Team Tobi's total demerit points tally is 13 points. 

Election results were scheduled to be announced tonight, but have been postponed to tomorrow night. 

Demerit point totals for PVP slates:

Team Jan/Mohammad — 12 points

Team Tobi — 13 points

Team DiBrina — 0 points


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