Team MacMillan

Robert MacMillan, left, and Robert Armstrong, right (we assume), are running for USC president and vice-president. They declined to take a photo on Friday and provided this photo instead.

USC presidential slate Team MacMillan has withdrawn from the 2016 elections.

According to elections governance committee, “Team MacMillan has made the joint decision to withdraw from the 2016 USC election. Both Robert and Robert would like to wish the best of luck to all candidates in the remaining campaign, and to encourage all students to get out and vote when polls open.”

Team MacMillan consisted of Robert MacMillan and Robert Armstrong, who are both history students who met in class in September.

They announced their withdrawal on Twitter an hour ago with the following statement. 

"We just want to bring a smile to Western," Armstrong said about their platform in an interview with the Gazette earlier last week. 

According to Brandon Palin, presidential candidate for the Palin-Cohen slate, he spoke to Team MacMillan earlier in the day and was caught off-guard by their decision.

"They received a lot of negative attention on their campaign, and I think it speaks to the barriers that there are within the USC and actually running for the position," he said. "The way he described it was that it was taking a mental toll on them, and it wasn't worth it to keep going."

Kevin Hurren, USC communications officer, wished the two former candidates the best in their plans moving forward.

"Team Macmillan brought a unique voice to the USC elections season. Their humour was a welcome addition, and we wish them the best of luck with their future plans," he said.

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