Team Tobi has earned 13 more demerit points, awarded to them by the elections governance committee in a release issued last night. The additional points brings Team Tobi's total to 26.

The presidential slate had violated section 11.3.1 of by-law #2 and section 4.09 of the Huron University College Students’ Council elections procedure and policy.

This violation occurred at the O’Neil Hall at Huron University College which involved unauthorized door-to-door campaigning while wearing their respective campaign colours. With a simple majority, this led to the EGC giving them six demerit points for the major violation.

Team Tobi received three more demerit points due to violation of section 12.1 of by-law #2. This involved the use of the USC logo in an Instagram post by Phi Gamma Delta (Fiji), advocating for Team Tobi.

The EGC determined that this post was uploaded by a campaign volunteer due to Team Tobi’s affiliation with Fiji. This resulted in the minor violation which carried three demerit points.

The EGC sanctioned Team Tobi an additional four demerit points for violating section 11.9.3 of by-law #2. Both presidential and vice-presidential candidates posted in two on-campus residence Facebook groups: Ontario Hall 2014-2015 and 1st Hellmuth Huron Residence, to promote their campaign.

This action also violated the Residence Memo, which restricts posting campaign material in residence-managed Facebook groups. During the investigation of this violation, Team Tobi claimed to assume that the Residence Memo applied only to residence-managed Facebook groups of 2016-2017. However, this exception was not indicated in by-law #2, by the Residence Memo, or by the chief returning officer.

The EGC concluded Team Tobi should have asked for further clarification on this rule and awarded the slate four demerit points for the minor violation. 

Total demerit points for PVP slates: 

Team Jan/Mohammad — 12 points

Team Tobi — 26 points

Team DiBrina — 0 points