The USC’s elections governance committee (EGC) has awarded four demerit points to presidential candidate slate Team Tobi for violating section 12.1 of by-law #2.

On Jan. 26, Team Tobi uploaded a campaign video that featured some purple clothing. Under section 12.1 of by-law #2, all election candidates are not permitted to use the colour purple in their campaign materials.

The EGC found that Team Tobi was negligent as the use of purple could have been avoided in the video by requesting participants wear different colours of clothing. At the time of the investigation, the video had over 15,000 views and the report found that it had the potential of reaching many Western students.

According to the EGC media release, the EGC determined that this was a minor violation, leading to the four demerit points.

Team Tobi currently has a total of five demerit points while Team Jan/Mohammad's total is at eight demerit points.

A presidential candidate can be disqualified if they receive more than 30 demerit points and all other candidates if they receive more than 20 demerit points.

USC science councillor candidate Grace Zhu was also found to violate section 12.1 of By-Law #2 and was demerited two points.

On Jan. 22, Zhu had uploaded a photo onto her Facebook campaign page which featured the the candidate’s purple laptop case.

The EGC determined that the photo did not reach a large number of students and that the case was deemed to be one of negligence. They concluded it to be a minor violation with a simple majority.

Correction: A previous version of the article reported that Team Tobi had received a major violation. The deputy returning officer reached out to The Gazette to alert the publication of a typo in their official release that classified the violation as major when it should have read minor. The article has been updated accordingly.