The Book Store at Western in the basement of the University Community Centre just got a makeover that celebrates Western University’s heritage and makes shopping easier.

“Its been a little over 15 years since we’ve done any changes in the store, so it was looking very dated,” Stephen Cribar said, the associate director of sales and communications for retail services. 

The project began a year and a half ago. The bookstore started by moving clothing from the upper level of The Book Store to the lower level to expand its selection and space.

This year, The Book Store brought in new fixtures that hold more clothing and also changed the store's layout to make shopping easier.

“If you were ever in here at Homecoming or the back to school rush, it was pretty crazy and the clothing section could only hold so much, so we moved it downstairs,” Cribar said.  

The theme of the makeover is a celebration of Western. 

“We are playing on Western’s heritage," Cribar said. “We’ve mimicked the limestone of the buildings, and we’ve worked with Western’s communications to bring back some of the old logos from the '30s, '40s and '50s.”

The logos will be used on the displays and clothing. 

In addition, there are vignettes on the back wall that have been pulled from the archives at Western.

"Western's Communications went through the archives and pulled out pictures from across the decades of different Western sport teams, the University College and one of a bus," Cribar said. 

Cribar said student feedback regarding the changes so far is positive.

The makeover isn’t complete just yet. The Book Store is still working on finishing touches with decorative graphics and a few more lighting changes.