University students looking for some erotic excitement may want to consider heading to Toronto next Monday for the University of Toronto Sexual Education Centre’s upcoming ‘Sexy Social’. The event, aimed to kick off SEC’s annual Sexual Awareness Week, will be hosted at the Oasis Aqua Lounge, a water-themed sex club where only the hot tub and pool are off limits for those looking to get down and dirty.

Some corners of the internet are billing the event as an orgy, decrying it as perverse or risky. However, Kayla Wright, executive director for the SEC, stressed the event will be more of a sex-positive social gathering, rather than a straight-up sex scene.

“Basically, it’s a social that just so happens to take place at a sex club. We felt that it gives people the option, if they want, to go have sex in a clean, safe, positive environment,” she said.

“Or to just hang out and meet people and hang out in a hot tub, which is totally why I’m going to be there.”

The club typically has fairly stringent entrance policies, only allowing single men in one night a week and charging a whopping $80 per couple for regular entry. On Monday, however, the SEC will be taking over the entirety of the space and opening it up to any and all Canadian university students aged 19+ for just $5.

Wright said the group has been flooded with positive feedback , lauding them for their progressive stance on sex education.

“To whoever is planning this week: I just want to send a virtual props your way. […] Hosting an event at a sex club is probably the best idea I have ever heard from campus group doing work around sexuality," one member of the SEC Facebook group wrote. "But it's wonderful and clearly a lot of people appreciate that you've made this investment in promoting sexual awareness and also non-normative sexuality. It's really a beautiful thing to see, especially from a campus like U of T.”

Others, however, are more skeptical about the appropriateness of the event. One commenter raised concerns about the possibility of rape and STD transmission at the event.

“Arguing this event as a safe forum to experiment sexually is bull. People experiment safely without needing an organized event like this in order to do so," the commenter wrote. "With students, it is natural to expect that there will be alcohol or substance abuse linked to this party [...] which so often leads people to do things they regret, don't remember, or weren't completely lucid. Bad combo when it comes to sex."

Wright argued these comments overlook the high level of importance the SEC is placing on participant safety.

“We’re going to be bringing in a ton of safer sex supplies and encouraging like scattering them throughout the upper floors. As with all situations, we cant force people to use them but we would like people the make the best informed decisions that they can," Wright said. "We also have security employed at the venue in case something does go wrong and someone maybe gets a little belligerent or too drunk we can ask them to leave the premises.”

Wright also noted fears of a preponderance of single men overwhelming the event proved unfounded at last year’s Sexy Social.

“Last year when we had the event it was almost an even split, not to exclude the trans people who were there. But it was close to 50-50, possibly even tilted a little toward female identified people.”


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