The USC Appeals Board has officially released the date, time and location of the hearing where it'll consider the appeals filed by second-place slate Team DiBrina. 

The 'Team DiBrina v. Elections Committee' hearing will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 14 at 6 p.m. in UCC conference room 377. 

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While appeal details have yet to be released, the winning slate Team Tobi currently sits precariously at 26 demerit points — five away from disqualification. 

If Team Tobi is disqualified, Team DiBrina would assume the USC presidency as they're the second-place runner up in the election.  

After hearing arguments from both sides and their representatives, the Appeals Board will either make an oral decision directly after the meeting or provide a written decision within two weeks. 

Former USC president and current Western law student Matt Helfand will be representing Team Tobi at the appeals meeting. 

More to come.