The floodgates have opened as the USC presidential slates released their platforms, websites and social media account on Monday night. 

The three slates running in the race include Team DiBrina, Team Tobi and Team Jan/Mohammad. 

The Gazette reached out to each slate with questionnaires inquiring about main tasks/initiatives, biggest issues on campus and how they will engage students-at-large with the USC.

Team Jan/Mohammad

Team Jan/Mohammad consists of presidential candidate Anooshae Janmohammad, a fourth-year double major in business and psychology student at Huron, and vice-presidential candidate Mohammad Hussain, a fourth-year honours specialization in French studies student. 

When asked what their top three tasks/initiatives were, Jan/Mohammad responded with: reforming the club system, keeping promises that are "made too often during election time" and pushing the "inclusion of student feedback in the academic counselling process." 

Jan/Mohammad argue that the current club system is predicated on an "us versus them" mentality and they'll fix it by including a "collaborative process." How that will pan out exactly is yet to be seen. 

The slate also stated they will be implementing "something similar to the Trudeau Metre to stay accountable" which is essentially a tracker of broken promises, achieved promises and promises in progress.

Jan/Mohammad also said that they will engage with the USC by making meeting minutes more accessible. 

"By summarizing the content of these meetings and creating videos and graphics that present this information accessibly, we will create a social media campaign that lays the foundation for a relationship between students and the USC," they said in the statement. 

Team DiBrina   

Team DiBrina includes presidential candidate David DiBrina, fourth-year HBA student at Ivey, and vice-presidential candidate Harry Orbach-Miller, fourth-year Jewish studies student. 

DiBrina believes that the most important issue on campus is that students aren't aware of the "power they have to make a positive impact on this campus." 

Their top three tasks/initiatives as elected slates would include closing the Purple Store, holding a mental health support referendum and fostering a more transparent and accountable USC. 

"The Purple Store represents everything we want to change about the USC," the slate noted. "It is an overpriced and expensive duplication of service. We will close it down and provide students with a healthy food option in its place."

The mental health support referendum will call on students to add $500,000 in annual support to core mental health and mental illness services. 

The slate also claims that students "feel disenfranchised with the USC because it unnecessarily hides information behind a veil of confidentiality and shields itself from criticism."

When asked how they will engage students-at-large with the USC, Team DiBrina said that "the first step in any sort of meaningful engagement with students across campus is to create a USC that students actually enjoy engaging with." 

They also said that by making the USC more transparent, students won't have to struggle to find information they need. 

"The USC needs to become more accountable, so students can feel confident that those who represent them are doing so," said the slate. "If we want to engage with the USC, we have to look internally first."

Team Tobi 

Team Tobi includes presidential candidate Tobi Solebo, third-year economics student, and vice-presidential candidate Landon Tulk, third-year political science student. 

Team Tobi believes the biggest issue concerning students is that they are "overwhelmed by a variety of campus, academic and mental health issues on campus," and that the USC is inaccessible to students who do not feel represented. 

As a slate, they believe the biggest issue with the USC is a lack of engagement and accessibility. "It's clear that the biggest issue on campus is the USC not looking outside the organization to communicate with every student." 

The slate's top three tasks/initiatives that they wish to accomplish include re-engagement, addressing all students' needs, and increasing community partnerships.  

"We need to put a big focus on serving all students to ensure that students do not feel that the over $700 in student fees they pay to the USC are going to waste."

Team Tobi said that they will engage students at-large with their "open-community office hours." They've also proposed bringing all the USC executives to the first floor of the UCC so that they can chat with students on a weekly basis.

You can find more information about each slate's platforms on their respective websites:, and