Voter turnout for this year’s University Students’ Council elections was 23 per cent, a 4.9 per cent drop from last year.

The Elections Governance Committee reported out of 32,965 eligible voters, a total of 7,584 students voted in this year’s election.

Election polls closed on Tuesday at 8 p.m. after remaining open for 36 hours.

“I was excited to see that there were some pretty competitive races. [I was] a little bit taken aback by the voter turnout; it’s kind of sad to see a decline there," said Landon Tulk, USC vice-president. "I feel like we really worked hard to sort of rally voter turnout last year, and it kind of fell this year, but kudos to all the candidates who ran this year.”

In regards to the USC presidential slate, Team PrattChang won this year’s election with 4,922 votes compared to Team Ocean’s 1,661 — PrattChang won 75 per cent of the vote.

Last year, 27.9 per cent of voters cast their ballots, the highest turnout since 2014. Other years with high turnout rates include 2012 and 2009, with turnouts of 36.8 per cent and 39 per cent respectively. 

In comparison, in 2014 only 19.4 per cent of eligible voters participated. 


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