violette hammad

Violette Hammad has been elected the next King’s University College Students' Council (KUCSC) president after a significantly larger voter turnout than last year.

“I’m very grateful for all of the support I’ve received this year and my campaign team has done such a great job; we’ve worked so hard together,” Hammad said.

The third-year sociology and political science student won 468 (60.3 per cent) votes to her opponent Mark D’Souza's 308 (39.7 per cent) vote count.

Hammad said that her first move as president will be meeting administration and meeting “with the current president to outline how I can get started with the things that I talked about in my platform.”

Carmen Sleewa, teaching assistant at King’s, said she knew from the start Hammad would make it as president.

“I think she’s well-deserving,” Sleewa said. “I remember her from first year as a frosh and I pegged her as president since her first year, so I’m pretty happy.”

Nate Little, current KUCSC president, was proud of both candidates and their hard-fought campaign. Last year, Little ran unopposed and as a consequence received a smaller voter turnout.

Despite the fact that this year's overall turnout was slightly over 20 per cent, Little said that it was a big improvement that can be attributed to the quality of candidates this year.

“If you want to get students engaged you need to have quality candidates,” said Little. “I’m happy, I think succession planning is going to be easier because we work together on a daily basis already.”

Hammad will begin her term May 1. Until then she will be getting accustomed to her new position with the help of current executives.


Moses Monterroza is a news editor for Volume 110 of the Gazette. Previously, he was an arts and life editor for Volume 109, and staff writer for Volume 108. You can reach him at

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