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Members of the LGBTQ2+ community at a photoshoot for the Gazette's March 20 Pride Issue. 

Western's LGBTQ2+ community is hosting its fourth annual Pride Week at Western University, with many events taking place over the course of the week.

Hosted by PrideWestern in collaboration with Spectrum UWO, Pride Week runs from March 19 to 23 and is an opportunity for LGBTQ2+ identities and issues to receive wider recognition on campus.

The week features events ranging from a movie marathon to a queer people of colour discussion group. A PrideWestern booth in the University Community Centre atrium Tuesday through Thursday will provide information, with more events outlined on PrideWestern's Facebook page. Friday will feature a movie marathon beginning at 6 p.m. in Ontario Hall's main lounge.

This year, Pride Week is emphasizing the history of the LGBTQ2+ movement.

"The whole notion of pride was born through various resistances throughout our collective LGBTQ2+ history, and often, people are very divorced from that," said Marie Fiedler, PrideWestern coordinator. "A lot of the issues we saw then ... and the issues that they advocated for are still very much issues now, and so it's also a good reminder that we have a long way to come."

Layne Clarke, president of Spectrum UWO, noted that Pride Week is held in March to recognize that not all students can take part in summer celebrations.

"Especially for students who are, for example, not able to celebrate at home, it means a lot to be able to celebrate at school when they have a chance. So much public recognition of our community comes from Pride, and it's great to get that recognition out there," Clarke added.

Fiedler noted that university is when a lot of individuals choose to come out for the first time.

"Some type of an event or display that gives people an opportunity to see parts of themselves framed as important and part of a greater story is a very powerful thing," Fiedler said.


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