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A team of Western researchers has developed a faster and more accurate test to determine who has coronavirus antibodies. 

The research, led by Western University professor Shawn Li, developed the test to detect whether COVID-19 antibodies are present and how much immunity a person has.

“Faster tests have been developed in the market … but the accuracy is not very high. Or there are slow tests that are quite accurate but time-consuming. So we’ve tried to develop something that can overcome those challenges,” said Li.

Professor Shawn Li

Western professor Shawn Li.

Li clarified that his team’s test is not meant to detect on-going infections, as antibodies only develop three or four days after an individual is infected.  

“It’s not meant to be a diagnostic test, it’s really more for monitoring,” said Li.

Western and WORLDiscoveries, the business development arm of London’s research network, have already applied for a patent.

The university is currently in talks with a local company to develop the commercial version of their COVID-19 test, which will likely be used in London.


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