Andreea Bejan Portrait

Andreea Bejan.

From an interest in finance and policy to travelling the world, fourth-year political science student Andreea Bejan is ready to take the reins as next year's USC secretary-treasurer.

Bejan is excited to begin her new role with the USC.

“It’s really a role where you support everyone in the organization… it’s about finding a balance between making sure that the organization is doing well and students’ needs are being met,” she said.

Bejan was first exposed to the University Students' Council when she represented students as a social science councillor in her second year. During her term, she also joined the USC's long-term planning and budget committee, where she developed an interest in finance.

In third year, Began paired her interest in finance with policy as the Social Science Students' Council's vice-president finance. Later, she continued exploring policy as the SSSC speaker, working with its internal review committee.

“For me to find a position that includes both finance and policy is so rare, but this was exactly the position that drew me to [the secretary-treasurer role]; it seemed like the perfect position,” Bejan said.

One of the things Began is most proud of accomplishing as SSSC vice-president finance is leading the committee that created the SSSC’s first student donation fund contract.

“There was no document that really outlined how the student donation fund would be spent to improve the lives of students," Bejan said. "The document outlined its use and ensured the money was being spent responsibly and a little bit more consistently year to year.” 

As secretary-treasurer, Bejan will oversee the organization's financial health and good governance. For example, the secretary-treasurer creates the organization's annual budget, manages club finances and upholds USC policies and bylaws.

One thing Bejan hopes to achieve as secretary-treasurer is increasing student awareness, especially when it comes to the USC grant system.

“Just being able to create that recognition that we have this grant opportunity and even potentially increase the amount of applicants and students that are aware we are giving out grants for events and student-lead projects,” Bejan said.

Outside of school, Bejan fosters rescue animals. She loves to post photos of her foster dogs on her Instagram, and she has travelled to 23 countries. 

Bejan said the next few months of USC transition are all about consultation and learning.

“I'll be working closely with Erin, the current secretary-treasurer, to really understand the role and get as much information as I possibly can from people who know a lot more than I do right now before I shape my path and year,” Bejan said. 


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