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Hundreds of students compete for the Mustangs, balancing the pressures of normal student life with the added stressors of rigorous athletic competition — yet, the topic of mental health is rarely addressed in the athletic community.

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The myriad of tales surrounding the unspeakable horrors, the tears and the dismissals faced when students  enter the dreaded rooms of academic counselling. Western seems to have a serious problem, but I happen to think otherwise. 

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You can see it in their eyes, red from squinting at screens for hours on end. You can hear it in their shouts lobbed across the room as sections collaborate, commiserate and help the work along. It’s imbued in first drafts, on crumpled mock-ups and atop stacks of newly-printed Tuesday editions.

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In my personal experience, the readings in my literature classes have been overwhelmingly white and male.