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Re: Frosh Slosh, published in the Gazette's Aug. 29 Frosh Issue.

Dear Editor of the Gazette,

I'm writing to you to express my concern about the "Frosh slosh" drinking game that appears on page 30 of the Frosh magazine put out by the Gazette. I find this game to be inappropriate in the context of a publication specifically written for first-year students.

1. This game encourages drinking: more specifically, binge drinking. It has been shown that binge drinking is a serious problem for public health, as described in this fact sheet from the Centre for Disease Control.

2. Many first-year students are not even of drinking age. Publishing this game makes it seem that you are condoning under-age drinking.

3. Some students might feel pressured to drink, when in fact they don't want to.

4. I wonder if you have thought about how this game would make the parents of a prospective student feel.

5. I find it odd that this piece appears just before a three-page article about why O-Week at Western is now dry. The message is confusing. On one hand, the game encourages students to drink until they can't remember what happened; on the other, the article ends with the comment "there is no point in trying to have a memorable O-Week if you can't remember it".

I strongly encourage the editorial board of the Gazette to consider these issues more carefully in the production of future issues.

—Ileana Paul, associate professor, french studies and linguistics


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