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Without the Gazette, I’m certain my experience at Western would have been dull beyond measure.

I still remember being in second year, meandering through campus, hopping from class to class, writing endless essays and just being completely disillusioned with the labours of being a student.

Eventually, I realized that I had to spice up my university career somehow, so I decided to get involved with a bunch of extracurriculars, one of which was the Gazette.

The Gazette slowly cultivated my addiction to student journalism. What began as a curiosity became the only reason I decided to continue my English and political science degree. I can’t even imagine following through with my initial career as an immigration lawyer. I still snore at the thought of it.

Nowadays, I can’t thank this nutty student publication enough for helping me not only find my career choice but my passions as well. I learned photography, how to shoot a good video and edit nearly anything to my heart’s content because of this place.

I got to travel around the world, meet interesting people and learn about the the oddities and mysteries of this campus. Hell, I even made my own documentary, which I am still baffled about.

Above all, I feel this experience taught me how important it is to enjoy the work that you do. Now, I’m not necessarily saying you should join the Gazette; rather, you should always be striving to find something that you’re truly passionate about and that will push you beyond your limits. I learned that if you're considering a career path solely because it pays well, there’s a high chance it will make you miserable. Not only that, but the quality of your work will suffer too.

It’s honestly been a wild ride here, and I’m so grateful to have the opportunity to be part of it. While I’m sad to be leaving, I’m excited to see what the future has in store for me.


Moses Monterroza is a news editor for Volume 110 of the Gazette. Previously, he was an arts and life editor for Volume 109, and staff writer for Volume 108. You can reach him at

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