Re: Exclusion of pro-life feminists from Women's March was a mistake 

The decision to exclude pro-life advocates from the Women’s March was not a mistake and the reason for that is simple.

I feel as if I must make a disclaimer. I have no problem with those who personally believe abortion is wrong. I disagree with them, but this is their opinion. However, I do have a problem with people bringing these specific personal views into the political sphere and promoting anti-choice legislation. This means that I have a problem with pro-life organizations.

Pro-choice activists advocate for the right for women to choose whether or not they wish to have an abortion. To be part of a pro-life organization that advocates against the right to safe abortions is inherently anti-women.

It does not matter if these pro-life advocates are women themselves, because they actively work against women through their political organization. They promote the restriction of safe abortions.

This stance is dangerous, as taking away the right for safe abortions is not harmless.

The political stance of members of pro-life organizations inherently stands against a woman’s right to choose, and therefore it is anti-women.

These organizations and their members do not belong at a march that is dedicated to protecting the rights of women because they actively advocate to take women’s rights away.

- Layne Clarke, anthropology II