Western students weigh in on whether or not they think other students should be buying and selling spots in courses.

Zoe He, first-year Ivey Business School student

“A lot of my friends are Chinese, so they sign up for Chinese courses which are easier, but they didn’t need to take them, and they sell them to other people. It’s kind of expensive, like $200.”

“It’s kind of terrible to do it because if you didn’t need to take the course, why are you registering for it in the first place? … I just don’t want it to happen on campus.”

Rachna Jog, fourth-year medical sciences and Ivey student

“I find it kind of annoying that you have to resort to that at some point, and I had a lot of friends that had to do that for mandatory courses which just makes no sense at all. The fact that if I get a better spot I can register for a course, drop it and make 50 bucks off of it … there’s so much incentive for people to do that.”

Edward Ho, fourth-year medical sciences student

“I know that there are some people that think ‘Oh we are just buying into courses that are bird courses,’ and that’s definitely a thing … I think that the bigger problem here is how signing up for courses works. It’s kind of random and there isn’t really a perfect way to do it, but I think the school needs to look into improving that.” 

“I don’t think that it’s right that people are making money off of it but maybe something to do is to implement a way to trade courses through a proper channel instead of selling them. I don’t think it's wrong for people to buy into courses, but it’s wrong for people to sell them.”

Ahmed Shishani, fourth-year BMOS student

“I think it’s a terrible situation that should be avoided.”

“It’s something people do with not much oversight. I think it’s a short-sighted thing, and in the grander sense, they would say it’s wrong, but not very much thought has been put into it.” 

Nirmit Shah, second-year medical sciences

“I don’t think that it should have to happen because if people feel a necessity to be in a course, I believe that there should be availability for them to be in that course. I understand that there’s a limit because you can’t have more people in a lecture hall than there are spaces. But I feel that there should be more sections available or some way for those students to be in that course.”


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