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About Us

The Gazette is the official student newspaper at Western University in London, Ontario. The Gazette publishes online daily. We are one of the largest student newspapers in Canada, with an editorial board consisting of 18 editors and two full-time editorial staff.


The paper was founded in fall 1906 when the handwritten literary journal In Cap and Gown was printed for the first time.

A few years later, the name was switched to the Gazette and it has been Western’s go-to student newspaper ever since.

The Gazette was in print four days a week from 1991–2015, making it the only student newspaper in Canada to be daily.

In 2015, the Gazette shifted towards becoming a digital-first publication, reducing number of weekly print editions and revamping its website.

In 2020, the Gazette halted print editions and shifted fully online. 

Our Mandate

We are entirely student run and serve the undergraduate student body and the Western community by reporting the news, entertaining readers and promoting debate on issues affecting the Western community. We are the only editorially independent watchdog of the University Students’ Council and the Western administration. We are a training ground for future journalists, accepting any student who wants to contribute and training them in journalism standards and practices. 

Who We Are

Full-time employees: The Editor-in-Chief and Managing Editor are salaried employees who served on the editorial board a minimum of one year. 

Editors: There are 21 section editors who create the majority of the content that appears in the Gazette. They are undergraduate students and work close to full-time hours at the Gazette. They receive a bi-weekly honorarium for their work.

Staff: Student volunteers who produce content on a flexible schedule. Student volunteers who are committed and exemplary are promoted to staff.

Contributors: Any student at Western who wishes to contribute to the Gazette

Learn more about getting involved at the Gazette.

Facts About the Gazette

We are owned and operated by the USC, but we maintain an arms-length relationship that allows us to maintain editorial autonomy. The Publications Committee serves as an intermediary between the Gazette and the USC.

Every undergraduate student at Western, including affiliate colleges, pays an annual fee of $18.36 to fund the Gazette. We also have advertising, which subsidizes a portion of our budget. As the publisher, the USC  approves funding every year for the Gazette.

We are a founding member of the National University Wire.


The Gazette has a long history of producing some of Canada’s most well-known journalists. Gazette alumni have worked at many successful media networks including The Globe and Mail, Toronto Star, National Post, MacLean’s, CBC, CTV, Al Jazeera, Sportsnet and The New York Times.

Some notable alumni include: Stephen Brunt, Susan Delacourt, Kevin Donovan, Scott Feschuk, Elliotte Friedman, Kevin Newman, Carol Off, Alan Thicke, Paul Wells and Aaron Wherry.