How to contribute to the Gazette

For 114 years, the Gazette has been keeping a watchful eye on our campus.

We investigate important student issues – mental health, food insecurity and provincial policies – to keep students informed. And we explore the latest fads, technology and sports to keep our campus entertained.

This place has been a training ground for Western students who’ve gone on to professional careers in journalism, public relations, communications, and even photography.

Volunteering is simple. It starts by making contact using one of the following methods:

1. Call (519) 661-3580 or email Our regular office hours are 9:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

2. Follow this link and fill out our online form.

Either way we want to know what you’re passionate about. Writing? Photographing? Filming? Designing? We’ll get you started.


Everyone at the Gazette began with their first step into the office. And now, we’re a part of a collective of student writers, photographers and artists.

As a volunteer, there’s no experience required, and there’s no set time commitment, but as you move up the tiers, you’ll see how you can get involved with us. Let us break it down: