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Tried testing the theory of making changes without saving on a different machine without saving, then going back in and making other changes to see if the unsaved changes would appear. Will see what happens next.

I sure hope this test works.

It would be great if we can find what the issue is if in fact it is a bug.

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Western's ongoing struggle with FOCO continued ahead of last Saturday's Homecoming.

The joint caused a small blaze last Friday morning.

In collaboration with London Environmental Network, Museum London presented a three day event which outlined the city's future plans for developing the Deshkan Ziibi, as well as educated attendees on the importance of developing healthy relationships with land and water from an Indigenous perspective.

Despite the rain, Homecoming programming was well received by Western alumni.

The Western Mustangs extended their perfect record to 20 straight games  on Saturday at TD Field against the Laurier Golden Hawks. 

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