Carmen Mallia


Most of Carmen's time is spent in the Western Gazette newsroom, where he reports on student issues, London trends, and local events. He is currently in his fourth-year of Honours Specialization in Media, Information and Technoculture.

Taking a deep dive into the countercultures of the late 20th century, Fashion and Lifestyle Society's God Save the Rave just might as well have been a time capsule, showcasing niche outfits from different underground scenes, including punk rock, goth, grunge and skateboarding. 

Western students Jason Chin (left) and Sejin Kim started Western AI Collective in an effort to build a community around deep learning at Weste…

A Tweed storefront; while London's is still pending approval, Shega Youngson of Canopy Growth Corp. is confident that the cannabis shop will o…

As one of the first plus-size models on campus, graduate student Kesley Bush is hoping to pave the way for others to feel comfortable with the idea that they too can model both inside and outside of campus.

The video, which was submitted to Metaxas by a student, helped Western Savages bring in a number of followers.

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